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Audit and validation of geological data sets on all stages of exploration.

Coordinate eligibility and legal rights of licenses, statute and foundation registry of the company who owns the license including current contractual obligations and other information submitted; verify the legal clearance of the licenses and getting it proved by the Cadastre authorities; provide necessary notary support.

Budget calculation for exploration works necessary to bring the project to mining stage, calculate costs for machinery and equipment procurement and their selection.



Draft investing Memorandum to justify and develop the program with the main economic data based on the introduction of needed technologies of the mining production including construction and further on supply of the final product to inside and outside markets

Independent exploration projects review. Independent technical reports for public disclosure, technical reviews for exploration finance projects, risk assessments, technical assessments and evaluations , due diligence studies ,litigation work as expert witnesses, technical audits



- exploration of deposits - drilling - JORC reserves calculation - feasibility study of conditions - preparation for production -

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